Forensic Architecture, Forensic Engineering and Construction Claims Consulting

ARCHforensic®️ provides overall direction and litigation support for insurance and construction claims through investigations, analysis, expert witness report writing, trial preparation and expert witness testimony in mediation, arbitration and trials. 

Having experienced professionals in the design and construction industry, ARCHforensic analyzes all aspects of construction projects to support clients in dispute and litigation resolution. 

Knowledge, experience and thorough analysis assists clients in effectively resolving construction disputes before litigation. ARCHforensic also has experience managing project risk to avoid potential issues by reviewing and commenting on the construction documents including: drawings, specifications, project controls, schedule, budget, and general conditions. 

​ARCHforensic brings experience in construction litigation to bear on risk analysis to help clients avoid costly litigation.

For more information regarding ARCHforensic’s Forensic Architecture and Construction Claims Consulting Services, please call (833) 427-2487.

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