Kerem Ayhan

Kerem Ayhan is a 3rd year architecture major and applied mathematics minor student, currently enrolled in advanced math courses in addition to multiple architecture studios and writing intensive architectural history courses. Having completed multiple projects in Revit, AutoCAD, and Rhinoceros 3D, Kerem offers his design skills by providing sketches and compositions for various projects on residential homes, parking garages, apartment condos and other building components.

His prior experience in research provides insight on new codes and standards that are relevant to current projects.

Kerem frequently joins our team of skilled architects, engineers, and consultants on site visits for scopes of work including property condition assessment, document assistance, building evaluation, photography, data interpretation, and various testing services.

In addition to the rigorous academia at Lehigh University, Kerem works part-time as a Graphic Designer and Photographer during the school year and competes at the Division I level in indoor and outdoor track and field. He joined ARCHforensicã as a summer 2021 Architectural Intern, offering his fresh knowledge of design and critical thinking skills.